This Comes As The Us Sees Starker Maternal Health Disparities Than Any Other Developed Nation.

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COVID-19 hospitalizations in Illinois continue to decline The number of people hospitalized for Covid-related illness in Illinois is now one-fifth of what it was on its worst day during the pandemic. The Illinois Department of Public Health reports Covid-related hospitalizations have been steadily declining for nearly an entire month. Chicago travel advisory now at 47 states, 3 territories In all, 1,708 people were hospitalized with Covid-related illness on Monday, a decline of nearly 26% from the peak of the latest surge on Sept. 6. However, the number of current Covid hospitalizations is still far higher than the pandemic-era low of 380 reported on July 4, 2021. President Biden to visit Chicago area Thursday to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 “We have not even hit the metrics that we had when we moved to Phase 5 [and lifted most restrictions],” Gov. JB Pritzker said Monday when asked when the indoor mask mandate might be rescinded. “Even though they are moving in the right direction – the new hospitalizations are moving in the right direction – the existing people that are in the hospital is roughly speaking has been flat as of recently, and so again we’re watching to make sure we’re on a good downward trajectory.”

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This comes as the US sees starker maternal health disparities than any other developed nation. In a seminal September 2019 report , the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) stated that Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native women are between two and three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes as White women. That gulf continues when looking at birthing complications. And although the literature confirms that those disparities remain even after controlling for nearly every sociodemographic factor, racist policies like redlining nevertheless don’t help. A relic of the 1930s, redlining was a discriminatory practice in which the US Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) designated thousands of areas as “unsafe” for issuing a homeowner’s loan. “Unsafe” usually meant there was a higher proportion of Black people living in a given neighborhood, creating a system of divestment that made it harder for Black people to own a home. “This structure of disinvestment, which formally stretched forward into the 1960s, has far reaching impacts,” the researchers explained. “Owing to a range of sequelae of community disinvestment, as well as the critical role of home ownership in intergenerational wealth-building, the legacy of historic redline racial discrimination correlates with modern social and health inequities.” READ MORE: “First Do No Harm:” Combatting Black Maternal Health Disparities Particularly, redlining has had negative consequences for maternal health equity, an assessment of about 65,000 live birth certificates from 2005 to 2018, revealed. The researchers measured health outcomes—pre-term birth and obstetric and medical complications—and analyzed data by zip code. [Traffic]

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