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Here's a look at what's out there for Saturday, Oct. 2 about your Los Angeles Rams. Experts make their predictions for Week 4 Here's a collection of analysts' predictions and previews for Rams-Cardinals: Around the NFL's Gregg Rosenthal has the Rams defeating the Cardinals 30-21. Read his full breakdown of the matchup  here. Six of USA TODAY's seven NFL experts picked the Rams to win.  Click here  to see the entire panel's score predictions. All five of Sports Illustrated/The MMQB's NFL experts picked the Rams to win. While they did not predict the score, all of their Week 4 predictions can be read  here. ESPN compiled joint predictions and previews from its NFL Nation reporters.

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The result could avoid a snap parliamentary vote and a political standoff between the governing party and the opposition. The main opposition party, the United National Movement (UNM) founded by Saakashvili, has garnered 27.1 percent votes. Polls closed at 16:00 GMT, with official results scheduled to be announced late at night. Al Jazeera’s Robin Forestier-Walker, reporting from the capital, Tbilisi, said “the governing party is already celebrating victory”. However, it was too early to call the election results as exit polls have been giving conflicting tallies, Forestier-Walker said. In comments to the AFP news agency through a representative who visited him in prison, Saakashvili said, “Georgia needs a peaceful transition towards a genuine democracy where political opponents are not locked up on falsified charges or forced into exile.” “I am not seeking any political office, I am just determined to fight to the end against the pop over to this web-site oligarchic rule which kills Georgian democracy,” he said. Saakashvili, 53, said on Friday he had returned from Ukraine, where he heads a Ukrainian government agency steering reforms. Saakashvili escorted by police officers as he arrives at a prison in Rustavi [Georgian Interior Ministry/Handout via Reuters] The flamboyant pro-Western reformer was arrested shortly afterwards over a 2018 conviction in absentia on abuse of office charges. [Finance]

The Packers started the season at No. 4 but dropped significantly following a season-opening defeat to the Saints. Since then, the Packers rebounded with wins over the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and Steelers in consecutive weeks, leading the climb back up the rankings. The Steelers are now 1-3 and dropped to No. 22. The 49ers, after losing again Sunday, fell again to No. 19. And the winless Lions are No. 30. Four NFC teams are in the top five of the rankings: The Arizona Cardinals (No. 1), Los Angeles Rams (No.

Gableman sends subpoenas to Milwaukee, Green Bay officials MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A former state Supreme Court justice leading Assembly Republicans' probe of the 2020 election has sent subpoenas to Milwaukee and Green Bay officials seeking information about private funds they used to run voting operations. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Michael Gableman's subpoenas are the first issued by state lawmakers in four decades. The subpoenas sent Thursday seek documents related to the Center for Tech And Civic Life, which gave more than $10 million to more than 200 Wisconsin communities to help cover election costs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the money went to Wisconsin's five largest cities. The GOP says the donations are inappropriate. Gableman's subpoenas require the officials to appear before him Oct. 15 with the documents.

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