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Documenting such a process is not very common in science reporting, where the emphasis is more often on describing results. Our aim was to chronicle the journey involved in becoming a principal investigator (PI). But neither we at Nature, nor Ali and Dan, knew whether they would be able to build up their research groups, or that the story would run for more than three years. In addition to other crises that arose, the pandemic would shut down their experiments. The United Kingdom’s universities — like those of many countries — are powered by people such as Ali and Dan, who were employed as PIs on fixed-term contracts. In the United Kingdom, some 74,000 academic staff — out of a total of 223,000 — are on such contracts. In the smaller group of staff that do just research, 35,000 out of 50,000 are on fixed-term contracts, according to data from the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency. For the aspiring academic researcher, such a precarious existence is, sadly, a rite of passage. As if that wasn’t hard enough, applying for a PI position — leading, eventually, to a professorship — is not like applying for a permanent job in many other professions.


09282021_tmt_news_whataburger_2.jpg Jessica T. Payne/Tyler Morning Telegraph Photos Canned goods fill the warehouse of the East Texas Food Bank. The food bank was presented with a check for $10,331 by Whataburger. Jessica T. Payne/Tyler Morning Telegraph Photo Pallets of food sit in the warehouse of the East Texas Food Bank in Tyler. Jessica T. Payne/Tyler Morning Telegraph Photo Whataburger has donated more than $10,000 to the East Texas Food Bank in Tyler, which serves Gregg and 25 other area counties. Whataburger representatives traveled to the East Texas Food Bank this week to present Chief Advancement Officer Donna Spann with a check for $10,331. The donation comes after Whataburger’s first systemwide fundraiser benefiting Feeding America.


Regina Barber DeGraaff raises two fists in triumph after finishing another episode of Spark Science. The only question for DeGraaff was: How do you make science interesting for everyone? “I was really inspired by shows like Star Talk because they were able to make these grandiose concepts seem relatable and interesting,” DeGraaff said.  After three years of broadcasting Spark Science on KMRE, DeGraaff sought out an official endorsement from the university and received it. After that, Spark Science became a fully online podcast hosted on Western’s website.  Now the podcast runs its season from February to August every year with monthly episode releases. DeGraaff, Blais and a rotating team of student volunteers work to source, edit and produce every episode. Wanted: Communicators and scientists for the Spark Science team For Julia Thorpe, a former senior audio manager for Spark Science, the podcast was more than a chance to learn new audio skills, it also highlighted the importance of making science accessible. “When you have that disconnect between scientists and the public, then the question ‘What’s really true?’ pops up and the guessing games begin,” Thorpe said. “That’s why giving people clarity and breaking down that imaginary barrier is so important.” Although Thorpe isn't involved in the podcasting world now, she said she still dreams of reentering the field. "I may not be recording and editing podcasts anymore, but I'm still tuned in to them try here on almost a daily basis," Thorpe said. "My involvement might have faded, but my interest is still as intense as ever." DeGraaff said she’s always on the lookout for new students to join the Spark Science team, and said you really only need two things: a love of science and an open mind. As more students get involved and bring in original ideas, DeGraaff said she hopes to transform Spark Science into a course where students can get credit as they create everything from podcasts to short documentaries.  “I want Spark Science to have that freedom,” DeGraaff said. “For students to not only go out and be correspondents, but I also want them to be creative in how they approach these science-heavy topics”  Most importantly, DeGraaff said she wants to hear from listeners.

https://westerntoday.wwu.edu/features/wwus-spark-science-podcast-explores-diversity-and-accessibility-within-a-scientific-context [Construction]

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